Who we are

For 30 years, Miller Glassworks has been pioneering creative solutions to help our clients produce amazing architectural glass.

We believe in building personal relationships & creative solutions.

Miller Glassworks, formerly known as Glassworks Unlimited, has been expertly creating and fabricating functional and decorative works of glass for residential and commercial projects since 1982.

Located one hour east of downtown Dallas, on their ranch in Greenville, Texas, the 17,000 sq. ft. studio is where the innovation happens. While cattle, white peacocks, and a pack of lovable dogs roam freely on the ranch, the Miller family operates a full-service design and fabrication facility.

Why Miller?

Why a peacock?

The peacock, symbolizing integrity, foresight, patience, and the revelation of beauty, provides the inspiration for Miller Glassworks.

Miller Glassworks specializes in creative design, utilizing combinations of techniques, fabricating, and precision installation.

Our goal is to provide a service oriented interface between the vision of the architect, designer or client and the real-world application of what is structurally and mechanically appropriate for each project. Once the functional challenges of the project are solved, the form can be artistically addressed to create products which provide both art and function.

As an industry leader, Miller Glassworks is well-known to architects, interior designers and glazing contractors as being the design and fabrication experts. Miller provides high-quality products quickly, while providing special attention to detail and service.

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